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Widely known to many as Botox Injections and are a popular treatment for dynamic lines on our face, e.g. Forehead lines, crow's feet and frown lines.

Excessive sweating

Botulinum injection is recognised and effective treatment for excessive under arm sweating (Axillary Hyperhidrosis). 

Ear wax removal 

Microsuction is a quicker and effective method for removal of wax.

Minor surgery procedures

-Skin tag removal
-Skin lesion excision:  warts, moles and more. 
-Punch biopsies for diagnostic reasons


Cryotherapy treatment for warts, verrucae and other benign skin lesions is available with us.  

Free Consultation
for all Non-surgcial Cosmetic Treatments 

We offer Free Consultation for all Non Surgical cosmetic procedure. This includes Anti-wrinkle injections

PPE & Safety

All services are provided from a Safe, Hygienic & Industry standard clinical environment located at a CQC registered medical practice. 

PPE is in use during covid-19 pandemic for additional safety of our staff and most importantly our clients. 

Men's Health 

Offering Video consultations for Men suffering with any of the following:
-Erectile dysfunction 
-Male pattern baldness 

Dermatological conditions 

We offer both video consultations and treatments for the following: 
-Fungal nail infection 

Women's Health

Video consultation and treatment available for women suffering with menopausal symptoms, e.g.: 
-Hot flushes/sweats
-Mood swings

Hay fever kenalog injection

Private kenalog hay fever injection is available from us. Cost from £75.
Offered only after risk assessment & determining suitability and eligibility for this. You can find out more about hay fever kenalog injection by visiting Patient.Info.
Contact us to book your Virtual Tele-video consultation first.

Private Medical Services 

Dr Patel offers a range of Private Medical services, including

-Private GP Consultation
-Joint injections 
-Private Prescription (excluding certain drugs, for example opioid painkillers and controlled drugs)
-Private blood test
-Private Immunity tests for employment
-Private Chickenpox vaccination and Shingles vaccinations 
-Private Taxi or HGV medicals 
-Private B12 injections ( Consultation required first)
-Private Hep B vaccination for employment purposes only 
-Private sexual health blood and urine tests

We do not offer travel vaccinations. 

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Sexual Health & Contraception

Oral contraception pills* 
(Combined Pill or Mini-Pill)
Consultation fee £50 plus cost of private script 

Depoprovera Injection*
Consultation fee applies including injection cost 
Total cost from £75

(*Additional charges apply for all subsequent prescriptions/injection and follow up consultations.)

Subdermal Implant (Nexplanon)
From £150
We offer both insertion and removal of Nexplanon implants. 

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