Covid 19 Policy

Please read carefully and follow the guidance before contacting and/or attending for your appointment 

Can I attend for my appointment?

You can attend as long as:
-You have been given an allocated appointment slot. No walk-ins.
-You are feeling well and you/your household members have not had any symptoms suggestive of covid-19 in the last 14 days prior to your appointment date. 


-You have been advised to shield or self-isolate by a health professional
-You consider yourself as an extremely vulnerable person or have identified yourself as at 'High Risk'.
-You have travelled or been to a trip abroad (out side of the UK) IN THE LAST 14 days prior to your appointment,
-You have had contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have had covid-19.
-You are waiting for covid-19 test result or have had a test in the last 7 days. 
-You have been advised to have a covid-19 test but have declined it. 

Please contact your GP surgery if you are not sure about ANY of the above. 

Please inform us soon if you cannot attend for your appointment. We will aim to then rearrange your appointment at a convenient date. 

What should I do before attending for my appointment?

We advise you to:
-Bring a mask to cover your nose and mouth.
-Wash you hands and/or apply alcohol gel before attending the premises if possible.
-Attend alone unless you require any assistance from friend or family member.
-Leave all non-essential materials or valuable at home.
-Children should stay at home with your family member/household member.
-Inform us if you are not well for any reason and/or have any concerns about covid-19 for yourself OR a household member.

What to expect when I attend for my appointment?

We will request you to do the following: 

-No children will be allowed into our premises unless the appointment is for the child.
-Friend/any other family members will be informed to wait outside in the car or in the reception area. 
-Keep your mask on unless requested to remove it.
-Use hand gel once as entering the premises. 
-Avoid touching any objects or equipment at our premises unless necessary or instructed to do so.
-Keep 2 meters from staff members and other users of our premises. 
-Wash your hands well and also apply alcohol gel after using toilets.
-Avoid touching your face area unless necessary.

What actions have we taken?

We provide all our services from Rosemead drive surgeries and is a CQC registered premises with infection control policies in existence that are all applicable to our private services. 

Surgery premises are regularly cleaned to industry standards. 

All our staff work and operate with appropriate PPE cover.
All working areas and treatment areas are cleaned after each patient visit. 

We will supply face masks and alcohol gel while you are present in our premises, for those that require them. 

We have put visible infection control notices and safety measures in our premises to keep everyone safe as possible. 

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Dr B Patel (MBChB, MRCGP 2012)

103 Rosemead drive
Oadby, Leicestershire, LE25PP, GB

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